First Post


Hi Guys!

Launching a new website template and a blog along with it today! I loved my old website with the cool 3D tab treatment element but…it was custom code and it made things not so easy to update. So, I found this template I am mostly happy with (my logo in the header could really be a bit bigger!) which I can update myself without calling in coding favors from one of my BFFs. I hope you find it as easy to navigate as I find it to update.

Now about that blog…I have never done one before so, please excuse any weirdness and lack of blogger etiquette. I am calling it ‘Maven Voyages’ on account of my eCommerce Consulting Business name of eTail Maven and the notion of ‘surfing the web’. What I post will include my thoughts from things I find online be it a website I have a perspective on, customer service I receive from an online store, or perhaps even with regard to an article I’ve read online. Once in awhile I may even post about an offline retail experience, who knows!

I hope you find Maven Voyages interesting. Stay tuned for more to come.